Our Skills

Our development department possesses a modern and well-equipped optics laboratory to implement complex optical systems from breadboard up to prototype.  We have available a modern measurement technology for laser beam characterization and for measurement of laser beam sources.
By means of Zemax Optic Studio, our optics specialists design lenses and optical beam paths for imaging and illuminating systems. Our areas of expertise are the design of single-lens bestform components, the design of achromatic lenses, and the calculation of aspheres and multi-lens systems including aberration correction.  

  • Laser modules and LED modules
  • Fiberoptical assemblies
  • CCD and CMOS camera modules, incl. image processing
  • Optical scanner
  • Lighting systems
  • Beam-shaping optics
  • Optomechanical modules, incl. electronic components

In production, we employ highly qualified staff and we possess dust and ESD protected cleanrooms as well as suitable assembly workstations and test stations.



Who we are