The DMM-1025 ASKION laser module for distance measurement is suitable for the measurement of lengths and positions, typically for a measuring range from 20 to 3,000 m.


DMM-1025 is available in two laser safety classes, 1 and 1 M, according DIN EN 60825-1:2015-07.

Performance parameters



DMM 1025 - 1DMM 1025 - 1MNotice
Wavelength (nm)905905
Measurement range (m)20-2,50020-3,000Beam filling target
Main Target range (m)0.05-1.50.05-1.5Target 1.8 x 0.6 m2, 10 km visibility, 10% albedo
measurement period (s)0.05-1.50.05-1.5Higher accumulation times on request
Measurement frequency (Hz)0.1-100.1-10Higher frequences on request
Resolution (m)0.10.11σ @ 500/700 m
Precision (m)+/- 0.5+/- 0.5@ +/- 1σ, 20°C/700 m
Opto - mechanical Alignment accuracy (mrad)0.20.2Within temperature range
Laser class11MEN 60825-1:2015-07


Mechanical specifications and operating conditions



DMM 1025 - 1DMM 1025 - 1MNotice
Dimensions (WxHxL) (mm³)28 x 39 x 4928 x 39 x 49
Weight (g)<50<50
Operating temperature (°C)-32 bis +55-32 bis +55
Storage temperature(°C)-45 bis +80-45 bis +80
Shock resistance(g)1,0001,000@ 1ms pulse length


Electrical specifications



DMM 1025 - 1DMM 1025 - 1MNotice
InterfaceUARTUARTMax. 3.3 V
Interface linkMolex 504050-0601Molex 504050-0601
operating voltage (VDC)1.9-5.21.9-5.2
Power consumption during measurement (W) approx. 1approx. 1.8
Power consumption, standby (mW)<19<19
Power consumption, idle state (mW)<0.050<0.050
Starting time (s)approx. 0.1approx. 0.1from standby mode






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