Laser distance measurement module

The ASKION product line of laser modules for distance measurement (DMM-1016 and 1025) is perfectly suitable for the integration into sensor systems for industrial application, into sports devices and observation devices, and it can also be applied in the security industry.   

Overall view

The ASKION laser modules for distance measurement (DMM) have excellent technical properties and stand out due to their very good cost-benefit-ratio when integrated into systems for the measurement of lengths and positions, especially when used for industrial and consumer applications.  

At an operational wavelength of 905 nm, the measurable distance is 20 to 3,000 m with a measurement accuracy of +/- 0.5 m. Due to a special electronic analysis tool, the ASKION Laser Rangefinder can detect tiniest signals. Therefore, it meets the requirements for class 1 lasers or class 1M lasers, respectively, according to EN 60825-1:2015-07. The ASKION laser modules for distance measurement can be custom-tailored with respect to measuring frequency, pulse energy, and data interface. The performance of the DMM rangefinders is shown in the diagram below. At measuring frequencies of less than 1 Hz, the measurable distance lies in the range of several kilometers. Even at measuring frequencies in the range of 10 Hz, very weakly reflective objects can be measured at distances of several hundreds of meters.

The start of the measurement and the output of the measuring data is carried out via an UART interface. The range of operating voltage is 1.9 to 5.2 VDC.

Fields of application

Due to their compact design, low weight, and robustness, the laser rangefinders can be used in several fields of application:

Industrial automation

  • Monitoring and positioning of facilities
  • Distance measurement in the field of geology and conveying engineering
  • Monitoring of positions in rail traffic and ship traffic as well as in container traffic

Sports optics and observation optics

  • Laser distance measurement with daylight vision long-range optics
  • Night vision in combination with distance measurement
  • Laser distance measurement for targeting optics used for hunting and shooting sports

Safety technology

  • Altimeter in flying objects
  • Distance measurement in border protection areas with watchtowers, or for monitoring critical infrastructure facilities, respectively
  • Measurement of spacing in traffic flow


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