As an OEM, we have undertaken the development or the production for numerous projects on behalf of our customers. Our customers benefit from our experiences, in particular, in combination with optoelectronics, apparatus engineering, and assistance in the certification procedure of medical devices.

Fluorescence camera for real-time PCR for molecular diagnostics
Laser-PCR-device for ultrafast detection, with three fluorescence channels
Fluorescence camera for real-time visualization of an injected dye in the body

Fiber-optic LD module applicable in stomatology
Laser devices for dermatology and skin cosmetic applications
Device for real-time liver function tests with spectroscopic analysis

quantitative fluorescence measurement with dichroic beam splitter
quantitative fluorescence measurement without dichroic beam splitter
System for diagnosis support of skin cancer in dermatology

Heads-up display for laser applications in ophthalmology



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