High precision freezer combined with cryogenic handlings area

The ASKION C-line® work bench (WB) possesses a deep-cold work area (T < -100°C), which can additionally be equipped with two (WB220), three (WB230) or six (aWB) freezing units (freezers). Due to the dry nitrogen ambience and the ultra-low temperatures within the device, you can sort the frozen samples and /or simply store them temporarily. The internal/external barcode scanners enable an identification of the samples at any time (barcode-aided sample management). The optional freezers enable a defined and reproducible freezing of different sample formats whereby all relevant data are logged. The freezing process can be regulated by freely programmable freezing curves. The freezers can be moved independently of each other. One freezer can start at any time without having to wait for the neighboring freezer to finish its move. Subsequent to the freezing process, without interrupting the cold chain, you can take the frozen sample by using a transport container to the  ASKION C-line® ermetic Storage for the purpose of storage. In addition to the manual versions, there is also an automated work bench (aWB) available. In case of this automated version (aWB), all internal processes of the Work Bench are carried out automatically by pick-and-place robots and robots for the handling of the SBS racks. Due to adaptable interfaces, the aWB can additionally be connected with external devices (e.g. pipetting platforms), in order to enable a fully automated and continuously documented sample processing (e.g. aliquoting, freezing, storing).



Performance features

  • Deep cold work area with adjustable temperature down to -110°C
  • Up to six freezers that work independently of each other
  • Freely configurable freezing curves 
  • Independent of sample format 
  • Temperature reference measurement (incl. sample sensor)
  • Regulated seeding (deliberate triggering of crystallization)
  • Electrically adjustable in height - internal/external barcode scanner
  • Continuous cold chain – panel PC with touchscreen
  • Two glove ports with individually heatable gloves (for manual configuration of the device) 
  • Software- and hardware-supported monitoring system
  • Configurable software interface to external programs, e. g. LIMS/HIS 




ASKION C-line® work bench
Freezing basket with reference sensors (sample temperature measurement)
Top view into cryogenic working area (T < -100°C). Space to handle sample (e.g. to re-arrange) and to store sample temporally

Lateral cut of work bench, with temperature profile of freezing area (left) and cryogenic handlings area (right)
Operator in front of height adjustable work bench



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