Sample identification from warm to ultra-cold temperatures

Based on the well-known and proven ASKION C-line® ColdEye, the new ASKION C-line® ColdEye+ was developed. ColdEye+ is worldwide the first and only scanner to provide safe and reliable sample identification at warm and ultra-cold/low ambient temperatures. This scanner operates without impairment at room temperature (+ 25 °C), in ice (+ 4 °C), ice mixtures (0 °C to -40 °C), in dry ice (about -80 °C) down to the nitrogen gas phase (up to -150 °C). In addition, the scanner is sample format independent, allowing it to be used in a variety of laboratory applications.

Thus, by using ColdEye+, the process in the laboratory (e.g. Inventory of -20 °C or -80 °C stores) will become more safer (permanently identical temperatures for the samples) and more efficient (fast scan sequence of samples / Racks / boxes in succession). ColdEye+ is a modern scanner that simplifies everyday laboratory work while preserving sample quality.

ColdEye+ with SBS Rack, ready to identify multiple samples
ColdEye+, the scanner unit for all temperatures (+25°C to -150°C)
Various sample formats are readable, one example: 9x9 or 10x10 boxes
Various sample formats are readable, one example: SBS Racks from LVL
Various sample formats are readable, one example: Micronic vials in SBS Rack format
Various sample formats are readable, one example: vials from FluidX in SBS Rack format

Performance features

  • Sample identification in less than 5 seconds
  • Simultaneous identification of several samples
  • Scanning of SBS racks (96, 48, 24 format, etc.) or boxes (9x9, 10x10, etc.)
  • Safe sample scanning at ambient temperatures from +25° C to -150 ° C
  • Independent of the sample format  
  • Intergrated anaylsis tool
  • Integrated power supply for operation up to 5 h (at -150°C)
  • Enables the best possible sample quality, since samples remain constantly (no temperature cycling) at the ambient temperature (e.g. -80 ° C)
  • Easy to operate
  • Eays connection to existing IT / PC
  • Cost efficient



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