Simultaneous sample identification at cryogenic temperatures

ASKION C-line® ColdEye is the first and only scanner for cryogenic temperatures that is available worldwide. The scanner works reliably at ambient temperatures of down to below -150°C. It allows to recognize the frozen samples in the SBS rack within less than five seconds. The extremely cold temperatures allow the samples to be identified without any impairment due to warming or thawing. ASKION C-line® ColdEye enables a safe handling of the samples in such a way as to meet the highest quality standards even after the scanning. ASKION C-line® ColdEye can completely be integrated into the  ASKION C-line® work bench and it can be retrofitted at any time. Besides this a stand alone version is available, named ASKION C-line® ColdEye+. This scanner operates independently from the ASKION C-line® work bench. It is operational at temperatures between +25°C down to -150°C.

ColdEye in tiefkalter Umgebung (Temperatur unter -100°C)
ColdEye: installed at ASKION C-line® work bench. Sample identification at ambient temperatures below -100°C
ColdEye: der kryogene Scanner für verschiedenste Probenformate
ColdEye: one scanner for multiple sample formats

Performance features

  • Sample recognition within less than 5 seconds
  • Simultaneous identification of several samples; scanning of SBS racks (96, 48, 24 format, etc.)
  • Scanning of samples at ambient temperatures of down to below -150°C
  • Independent of the sample format  
  • Completely compatible with the ASKION C-line® Work Bench
  • Retrofittable within the ASKION C-line® Work Bench
  • Available as a standalone device (ASKION C-line® ColdEye+)







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