Aluminum SBS Racks for high precision freezing

In the field of biobanking, the freezing process is the first and at the same time one of the decisive steps. There are currently various devices on the market for this process, such as the Askion C-line® work bench. Regardless of the freezer selected, the freezing process must first be optimized to get the best freezing results. As part of this, parameters such as the composition of the sample (sample material + freezing medium), temperature gradients and others are taken into account. An influencing factor is usually not taken into account in this connection, the temperature distribution between the samples within a freezing process. Experiments have shown that there can be significant temperature deviations when using plastic boxes. To avoid this, Askion offers customized aluminum SBS racks that are adapted to the respective sample format. Using these aluminum SBS racks, identical sample temperatures and thus the best possible freezing results and real comparability are achieved for all samples within a rack / box. In addition, the aluminum SBS racks are compatible or adaptable to other platforms (e.g. pipette robot, scanner, etc.) so that they can be used in everyday laboratory work.

Performance features

  • Enables best freezing results due to best thermal conductivity
  • Enables a comparison of samples from a freezing process due to identical sample temperatures
  • Available for different sample formats
  • Customization possible
  • Specially treated surface for reliable long-term use
  • Compatible with other devices (e.g. scanners) and platforms (e.g. pipetting robots)



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